The Wool Monty is a festival of yarn, brought to you by the Woolfull team.

After being knitters, crocheters or both for a number of years we became disillusioned by the lack of bright, airy and local yarn shops, and so decided to start our own and do it our way.

Woolfull opened in Spring 2017 and is bold, colourful and friendly. You can find out more at

By the Autumn of 2018, having been to yarn shows for several years, and being disappointed by poor facilities, long journeys or lack of accessibility, we got the idea for a different kind of yarn show. We started hunting for a venue and The Wool Monty began. Rarely fazed, and after the size of the logistics required to put on a yarn show started to sink in, we decided if we were going to do it we should do it right, and so chose the FlyDSA Arena (yes, an actual arena) as our venue!

We are passionate about promoting new and small businesses alongside the tried and trusted vendors you see at other shows, and are excited to be the very first show some of our vendors have ever done.

We’re also planning to give you chance to meet some of the designers behind your favourite patterns, with a dedicated area for you to have a chat or get some pattern help.

We’d love to see you at the show, and can’t wait to get to know you all.

– Debbie, Mand and Rosie

L to R – Rosie, Debbie & Mand
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