Wet Felted Bowls and Vases

Saturday13:00 – 14:30£20 (+£1.91 fees)Buy now
Sunday13:00 – 14:30£20 (+£1.91 fees)Buy now

– Workshop Overview

During this workshop, we will be using wet felting techniques to create unique and beautiful 3D bowls or vases from a mixture of wools and accent fibres. The size of the bowl will be up to you, ranging from approx 15cm diameter to 30cm diameter, and you will be shown different designs and shapes which you can adapt to your own style.

– What you need to bring

Just your lovely selves! Unless you have very sensitive skin and react to soapy water, in which case I would suggest a pair of rubber gloves for the soggier bits.

– What you need to know

Wet felting is great fun, and suitable for all ages. However to make the wool felt solidly does involve some elbow grease, including actions similar to using a rolling pin and scrubbing out a small pan. Therefore if those actions cause you pain or you wouldn’t be able to do them repeatedly then this class may not be the right fit for you.

– What you’ll learn

You will learn how and why wool felts, the basic techniques of wet felting, and how to prepare and choose the fibres, as well as how to work them into a 3D object.

– What you’ll take home

Your beautiful, unique, wet felted bowl or vase, a sense of accomplishment, and some new skills which I can guarantee you will want to use again and again.