Monty@Home Q&A’s – Wee Woolly Wonderfuls

First things first, tell us a bit about your business and how you got started…

I kept seeing such cute crochet toys that I longed to make for my new baby, but got so frustrated when I couldn’t understand the patterns, and crochet was a foreign language to me! I watched videos, but they didn’t match the way the pattern was written, and I almost gave up! Luckily I persevered, and when I did eventually have that eureka moment and ‘got it’, I completely fell in love with amigurumi. In fact I loved it so much, I wanted to help other people learn, and thought that there must be an easier way! I came up with the idea of a kit with everything in you need, with complete beginner video tutorials that exactly matched the pattern – and the idea for Wee Woolly Wonderfuls was born!

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What’s your favourite product of yours and why?

That’s a hard question – it’s like asking me to choose my favourite child (which is far easier as I only have one!) If I really had to choose, I think it would have to be Aimee the Giraffe – she’s such a cute quirky character that everyone loves (kids and adults alike!) and she was originally designed as the mascot for ‘Aim Higher’, a local charity who are a huge support for families of children with autism – such a wonderful small charity! She is even one of our complete beginner kits – so anyone can make her!

What yarn crafts are you into personally?

Oooooohhhh, it would be easier to ask what crafts I’m not into :grin:. I love knitting, have dabbled with needle felting, and have recently tried my hand at embroidery and cross-stitch which I love! I’m a kit addict (not surprisingly!) and have plenty lined up to make in my stash – but can never resist treating myself to another! Crochet remains my absolute favourite though – I can’t imagine not picking up my hook every day!

What’s your favourite project you’ve ever made?

That has to be Boris the HUGE lockdown Lion! He started as a bit of fun in a Crochet Along in our Facebook Group for our normal sized Lion Kit, and I decided to make him huge! Everyone LOVED him and I had so many requests me to make him into a kit – so we did! He’s the size of a small child – and gives THE best cuddles!

If you came to TWM back in 2019 what did you like/dislike most about it?

I came to the event as a visitor with my craft loving best friend, and loved the fact that it was so relaxed, welcoming and there was lots of space to browse. It didn’t feel overwhelming as some busy events do, and was so accessible to everyone, and FULL of fabulous crafts of course!

Who got you into yarn?

My mum taught me to knit as a child, and so it’s always been special to me, especially as she passed away in November. Making things with wool is special, as it reminds me of her.

What’s your favourite customer project?

It has to be our Group member Julie Stoke’s bunny called Lopie – she’s always having adventures with her other woolly friends – we just adore seeing what they’re up to. She is so talented at telling their stories, and posting photos their exploits! I wish I could live a day in their idyllic life!

What’s the hardest part of what you do?

Typing up the pattern leaflets! I must edit and change them so many times to make sure they are absolutely perfect! I end up with my mind boggled, and my eyes spinning!

You’re travelling to a yarn show, what are you listening to on the way?

Reliving my youth – 90s dance music to get me jigging in my seat and singing (badly!)

What’s your favourite colour?

Turquoise, as it reminds me of the sea

If you weren’t running a yarn business what would you be doing?

I used to be a Mortgage Adviser which I enjoyed, but I couldn’t go back to it – playing with yarn all day is far too much fun!

What’s your favourite part of yarn shows?

Spending time with my bestie, who is as craft crazy as I am!

What yarn craft do you wish you were good at?

I’d love to be able to hand-dye wool – I really must try it, but will probably end up dyeing myself instead!

Tell us 3 things we might not know about you

I’ve appeared on TV on The Craft Store (previously Hochanda) live several times – so nerve wracking, but the team are so friendly and fun, they make it less scary!!

I also appeared on stage on the TV programme ‘Hitman and Her’ in my clubbing days in the early 1990s. I was wearing a very fetching an elephant mask, and passing donuts on my trunk, along with 3 friends, all of us a bit tipsy – my 15 minutes of fame!

I love a glass or two of wine (on second thoughts, everyone probably knows that already)

Do you tend to go for repeatable lines or one-off products? What’s your longest-running product, range or colourway?

They have to be repeatable, as a design takes so long from start to finish, but we often do special editions, with a new accessory or different colourway! Our longest running is our Bunny, as it was our very first design, and is probably still our most popular! Everyone loves a bunny!

Can you give us any hints of things you’ve got coming up soon?

Everyone loved our HUGE Boris the Lockdown Lion, so we may just have more larger than life kits coming soon…..

Do you have regular subscriptions or clubs? If so tell us about them

We have just started a Pin Badge subscription – they’re ridiculously cute! We have two new fun subscriptions in the pipeline, I’m so excited about them! We also have a friendly and fun Cochet Group – it’s all inclusive and we have such a lot of fun! You can join in our Woolly shenanigans at

And finally, just for fun, would you rather fight 100 chicken-sized zombies or 10 zombie-sized chickens?

Definitely 100 Zombie sized chickens – the big chickens might poo on my head :joy: