2019 Show Feedback

It’s been a week since the The Wool Monty show, and we had the best time. The feedback has been really positive so far, and we’re really really glad that you guys understood what we were trying to achieve.

We’ve really loved hearing all your comments about the accessibility of the venue, starting with MASSIVELY wide aisles and the sheer amount of space, but also the lack of noise (due to the high ceilings) and the general relaxed vibe which helped those with sensory and anxiety issues. This was our number one focus throughout the planning of the show and we’re really pleased that it turned into the experience we wanted.

As with anything new we knew that there would be teething issues, but the bright side is that everything that’s been raised so far is fixable, fairly easily.

We’re still figuring out whether we can do this again next year, but in the meantime we wanted to share a few pics and bits of info with you.

After the show we sent out a feedback survey to all the vendors, and posted a customer feedback survey on all our social channels. We’re very grateful to everyone who sent us feedback, if we do come back next year we’d want to do it bigger and better, and we can only do that if we have something to work from. We’re very open people, and fully expect things to take some time to be established, but we’re not people who shy away from a challenge! In our typical open manner we thought we’d share some numbers about the show.

A few show stats

Some notes for statisticians 😉

  • Visitor numbers are based on unique ticket sales, but people were able to come out and back in, so the ‘footfall’ number on each day would have been higher.
  • Feedback was collected from around 250 visitors, and 40 vendors.
  • The venue rating for visitors was on location and size, accessibility was covered in a separate question.
  • Diversity stats are self-identified and only from information volunteered, we didn’t ask for this information, so the actual figure may be higher.